Adventure Through Africa with The Kiwi Couple

We grew up in the golden age of Disney, watching classic films like The Lion King. So of COURSE we’ve always wanted to go to Africa, meet Simba and sing The Circle of Life. This year we jumped at a chance to take an adventure through Africa – the big question was what could we fit in and where could we go? We decided to go on a G Adventures tour starting in Johannesburg, travelling through Botswana and ending in Zimbabwe. We’d never booked an organised travel tour before, but G stood out to us as they have small groups and it meant we’d get to camp in the middle of the Okavango Delta. The tour ended in Victoria Falls which was a huge plus, as we were dying to swim on the edge of the waterfall. Here are our favourite moments from our African adventure:

The Wildlife

Our number one reason for heading to Africa was to see the wildlife (duh). The real pinch me moments were when we saw elephants casually crossing the road in Botswana and a family of lions roaming through a national park.

Camping in The Okavango Delta

We had such an incredible time exploring the Okavango Delta. We were taken out to our campsite on a Mokoro, which is a dugout canoe. This was one of the most relaxing rides we’ve ever had – floating along under the sun…Rachel may have even drifted off. Another reason to love the Delta – at night we could hear lions from our campsite!

Flying over the Okavango Delta

We were pretty budget conscious on our trip, as we’d been travelling for 7 months by then and still had 4 months to go. G Adventures lets you buy some extra experiences and even though it stretched our budget, we knew we had to do this! Flying over the Okavango Delta was absolutely stunning and worth every penny.

Chobe River Cruise

We headed down to the Chobe River for an afternoon cruise, the sun came out to play and we had a cooler full of drinks. It was such a fun day to hang out with our new friends, relax and spot more wildlife.

Victoria Falls

This marked the end of our adventure through Africa and what a way to go out! Victoria Falls is EPIC. It’s best seen on both sides – from Zimbabwe and Zambia. If you head to the Zimbabwe side make sure you watch out for the monkeys. Rachel almost lost her sandwich to a ninja monkey but Jeremy saved the day.


This adventure through Africa was a little taster for us but there’s so many other countries that we want to explore. Have you been to Africa before? Let us know your favourite African countries in the comments so we can check them out. And as always, happy travelling!


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  1. I have not been to Africa yet, but it is at the top of my bucket list! Your trip looks incredible! Seeing elephants casually crossing the road like that…how amazing!

    • There were lots of excited squeals when we spotted the family of elephants crossing the road! It was so much fun but we know we’ve barely scraped the surface. Can’t wait to go back one day x

  2. This looks so amazing! Africa is on my bucket list of places to visit xx Tracie

  3. Wow what a great photos, they give more value to your blog

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