To celebrate Stranger Things 2 being released (no spoilers here though!) – we’ve put together this post of that time we explored the Upside Down. And we mean actually being inside it! Minus all the death, gore and gross stuff. Toronto has an annual overnight art festival, and this year Netflix put on a special installation called The Red Forest. After waiting in line for what seemed like years (Torontonians love waiting in lines, just like the British), we finally saw the first glimpse of the installation.

We were handed white hazmat suits, badges and told to put them on before entering. We’d been warned to make sure we had our suits on as it was a bit sticky in the Upside Down…

As we got closer to the installation we could hear the Stranger Things theme music blaring out of speakers and it started to get pretty epic and exciting. It was themed so well, from the lighting to the props – Eggo waffles and bicycles with Christmas lights. And it was sticky, which was equal parts gross and equal parts accurate.

The best part was that we could spend as long as we liked inside the Upside Down – and after waiting for a million years in line, we wanted to take our time. It wasn’t too crowded inside and we were able to take quite a few photos!

For all you Riverdale fans, Netflix decided to tack on an extra bit of advertising in the form of a Riverdale drive-in cinema. You could sit in a car and watch trailers for upcoming Netflix movies.

So we thought that was a pretty cool experience! It’s definitely made us super excited for Stranger Things 2 and delving back into that world. Have you guys been watching the latest season? Let us know what you think below, but no spoilers please!