When Rachel was a kid, she went to this magical place called Medieval Times with her family. It was a way to get transported back in time to a place where knights and princesses were real. For those of you who don’t know what Medieval Times is – it’s basically dinner theatre with a Medieval theme. You sit at the edge of an arena with a glorious feast while the action unfolds right in front of your eyes. When we discovered that Toronto had Medieval Times, we knew it was the perfect activity for a chilly night!

We rushed into the Medieval Times castle to escape the cold and were promptly given our crowns. The arena is divided into sections by colour, and each colour has a corresponding knight that you cheer on. The colour of your crown tells you which section you’ll be in, and ours were black and white. We were pretty confident that ours was going to be the best knight and come out on top.

In the castle’s foyer there was so much going on that it felt like a mini theme park. You were able to buy a range of souvenirs, purchase your very own knighting ceremony, and there was even a Medieval Trumpeter. Rachel considered buying a knighting ceremony for Jeremy as a surprise joke, but soon realised it was pretty much only done by small children and it would have been 1) strange 2) awkward and 3) …still pretty funny though. Should’ve done it.

There was an announcement that we were able to head into the arena and be seated. At this point we were so ready…and hungry! As part of our VIP package, we had the best seats in the house – front row in the middle. It’s totally worth splurging on VIP just for this – although there doesn’t seem to be a bad seat in the arena. They also give you little flags and towels to wave around while you’re cheering on your knight. You’ve gotta get into it, don’t hold back!

Our server Dan introduced himself and kept referring to us as ‘Lord’ and ‘Lady’. Dan is probably the most energetic, enthusiastic and happy person you’ll ever meet. Like, it’s almost scary. But definitely entertaining! There was one point where all the servers marched around… can you spot Dan? It must be tiring to be THAT happy.

Dan, our super happy server!

The opening of the show was beautiful, slow and majestic. The bond between the horse and his knight was really lovely to see – with little nuzzles for the knight and treats for the horse.

The gorgeous opening sequence of the show.

While we were watching the show, we were being delivered our food. We opted for the vegetarian meal so it’s a little different to what you normally see, but it was so delicious! We had tomato soup, garlic bread, hummus and vegetables to begin, followed by a bean and potato stew, and finished with a lemon cake. The portions were massive, and the food was definitely fit for a King.

A big part of Medieval Times is getting to watch your knight joust and take on the other knights. We were convinced we had the best knight, because we’re just super loyal and competitive. It was fun to yell and cheer on our knight, but unfortunately…our knight was pretty terrible. Like, he lost in the first round. But at least he looks good in the photo!

So majestic!

We had a pretty awesome time at Medieval Times and it’s definitely fun no matter what age you are. The combination of a dinner and a show is what makes it such a good night out! We were given VIP passes courtesy of Medieval Times, but all our views are our own.