When we were in Peru, we ended up transiting through Lima to get to Huacachina (the desert oasis – read more about that here). It was all a bit spontaneous – we knew nothing about the area (or the Lima Cat Park) and only had a day to explore. If you know anything about us, you’d know that we love cats more than people. Meeting cats around the world is always one of our highlights… as it should be. Priorities.

It just so happens that Lima is home to Parque Kennedy – otherwise known as the cat park of Lima. It’s a beautifully laid out park, with flowerbeds and about a zillion (mathematically correct) cats running around wanting pats. You’ll find it smack bang in the middle of Miraflores, which is extremely convenient!

Two ginger cats curled up, sleeping in flower beds in the Lima Cat Park
Okay but imagine walking into a park and seeing this…. aghhhh my heart

Within moments of getting into the park Rachel found herself with a cat on her bag, on her lap and another one wanting pats. Otherwise known as her true heaven. Tbh we’re not sure how we managed to leave this glorious place. 

Rachel smiling with one cat sitting on her backpack and another cat sitting on her lap

The shyer cats stay in the trees and the friendly ones will come right up to you for pats. We’re pretty sure there was a Mumma and her kittens hiding in one of the tree holes. If you’re lucky enough to be chosen, you can chill in the park with a cat in your lap for hours.  

Close up of a tabby stray cat's face
Little guy in the Lima Cat Park

The cats that we encountered seemed healthy, with nice coats and lots had a purple mark on them. The Feline Protection Volunteer Group and the church feed the cats daily, as well as getting them checked at the vets – which is what the purple marks are for.

An older grey and white cat looking at the camera. He has purple spray paint on his fur to show he has been neutered.
You can see the little purple mark on this fella.

There’s not really much else to say but… cats! Cats, cats, cats. If you’re needing a cat fix while you’re travelling – this is the place you want to be! The Feline Protection Volunteer Group also arranges adoptions and makes sure the cats are spayed and neutered. 

Rachel smiling while patting a little orange cat in the Lima Cat Park
Rachel nicknamed this one ‘Mango’

Do you know of any other interesting animal parks or islands like this Lima Cat Park? We’ve been to see the deers in Nara, Rabbit Island in Ōkunoshima and the Iguana Park in Guayaquil. Always on the lookout for more! Let us know in the comments.