We first went to Las Vegas in 2016 as part of our round-the-world trip. Our budget was ridiculously tight, so we stayed off strip at a little Airbnb. We knew we wanted to stay in the middle of the action next time.

To be clear, this isn’t a sponsored post, but something we’ve found super helpful! We discovered the game called MyVegas, run by MLife rewards (the MGM Group in Vegas) that helps you earn free hotel rooms, buffets, shows, and more. Rachel found it on a Facebook group when someone was asking how to do Vegas cheaply and was pretty skeptical at first. But there’s seemingly no catch – you don’t have to spend any real money on the app (though you can) – it means you spend more time at MLife properties, and they get your money that way. It can take time to build up your LP to spend on rewards, so being in quarantine and waiting for travel to reopen is the perfect time to play. We managed to get over $600 worth of buffets, hotel rooms and shows – and it was so fun staying on the strip.

La Reve performance
Since we saved so much, we were able to splash out on other things in Vegas – like La Reve. One of the best water shows we’ve ever seen!

Below you’ll be able to read how to play MyVegas, resources, and a summary of what we managed to get for free on our brief 4-night stay.

Ticket of KA, Cirque Du Soleil show
One of our free rewards from the game – KA by Cirque Du Soleil
Park MGM
Park MGM – where we stayed for a few nights

How we spent our MyVegas LP – what we got for free!

We thought we’d just write down what we managed to get for free from playing MyVegas – without spending a cent of our own in the game. It was pretty fun seeing how much we could save! Keep in mind that you do have to pay resort fees (usually around $40/night) even when you get a free room, but that’s still pretty cheap for a room right on the strip. In total, we managed to get $689.01 worth of free things – here’s our breakdown:

Park MGM – 3x nights – $383.96
KA (Cirque Du Soleil) – 2x tickets – $215.81
Café Gelato – BOGO – $6.25
42nd and Crepe – BOGO – $11.00
MGM Grand Brunch Buffet – BOGO – $21.99
Bar at Times Square credit – $50.00

48th and Crepe shop in NYNY, a popular reward from MyVegas
Delish crepes! A popular reward.
Photo of a piano bar in Las Vegas
Live piano – Bar at Times Square, where we had a cool $50 to spend how we wanted

What is MyVegas?

There are a few different MyVegas games you can play – some that you download onto your phone (such as MyVegas Slots, My Vegas Pop Slots, Konami Slots) and also MyVegas on Facebook which you play on your browser. Basically, it gets you gambling – the more chips you bet, the more LP (coins) you eventually earn which can be turned into rewards. You can get free chips everyday and bonus ones every 2 hours, so you don’t need to spend money on the app to buy more chips. However, if you do spend enough money on chips, the amount of premium rewards you can redeem goes up. 

Screenshot of MyVegas game
Screenshot of what the game looks like on mobile
Screenshot of MyVegas game
Screenshot of some of the rewards you can buy on mobile. They seem to be better on Facebook desktop, but it’s worth checking all the games and rewards to compare.

How do you play MyVegas?

For us, we liked playing slots on Facebook (you earn the most LP this way) and the MyVegas Slots app on our phones. We usually just set our phones spinning while we were watching TV in the evening – we didn’t even need to monitor it or actively play, it would just earn LP while we were going about our nightly routine! We don’t think there are any particular games that are better than others, but we liked playing Jack and the Beanstalk on the phone, and Electrolink Powerball on Facebook. 

Las Vegas at sunset
Loved our time in Vegas!

Tips and tricks for MyVegas

You should join MyVegas Friends Rocks on Facebook because they have lots of resources and it’s full of people who are dedicated to the game. They share large chip share links, that help you gain coins much faster than if you were just doing it yourself. At one point we managed to get 2 billion chips thanks to a link on that, allowing us to win heaps of LP and buy lots of rewards. 

If your trip is coming up soon so you need to speed up your LP earning potential, you can download an app called ‘Google Opinions’. It lets you answer surveys about places and shops you visit, which you can then spend on the app store – including in game purchases. Then you still don’t need to spend a cent of your own money, but you can make that sweet LP much faster. We started playing about 6 months before getting to Las Vegas and that was more than enough time.

Paris, Las Vegas at sunset
Paris, Las Vegas

How to get rewards – what you need to know

Rewards are ‘refreshed’ everyday, so you can keep an eye out for the ones you are wanting. Times Square is one of the most popular, as it’s a $50 voucher to the bar – you can spend it at happy hour, on drink or food and you don’t have to spend a cent. Hotel stays and Cirque Du Soleil shows are also popular, but if you keep an eye out it shouldn’t be too hard to grab them. They even have cruises and helicopter rides on there for when you make enough LP. 

Make sure you purchase your rewards before you get to Las Vegas, as they don’t want locals buying them all up so they’re limited once you get there. Most rewards you can buy well in advance, but check expiry dates and blackout dates for food rewards – you may need to wait closer to your trip. There are also some rewards around the world, in different US cities, Asia and close to home for us – Australia. 

Photo of the Las Vegas strip at night
So much to see and do….

So that’s a summary of MyVegas and how we managed to get so many things in Vegas for free! It’s worth it when you’re on a budget for sure. Hope this helps your planning!