So you might have heard of Paint Nite, but have you heard of Plant Nite? It’s where you meet at a bar, and with the help of a master gardener and a few drinks, you create your very own terrarium! Plant Nite just launched in Toronto so of course we had to go check it out – even though our green thumbs are questionable. We may have managed to kill a lucky bamboo plant in the past…no comment.

Anyway, with unwavering confidence (which was unwarranted), we rocked up to Moxie’s Bar and Grill and got settled. It’s such a cool idea to have these events in places like Moxie’s – it feels relaxed, sociable and you can drink whatever you feel like!

Getting ready to get my hands dirty!

At each place setting there’s a bowl to create your terrarium in and three plants. Before the event we were worried we’d come home with two versions of exactly the same terrarium, but it turns out that you’re given lots of freedom to put your own spin on it. We chose different plants as well!

Our little plants ready to be popped into the terrarium!

Jeremy with some liquid courage

The vibe in the room was full of energy, pretty much like a bigĀ  party! Our Plant Nite team were super friendly and introduced all the plants to us. Turns out that one of Rachel’s is basically the hardest plant to kill, fantastic news for her, but also embarrassing if she does somehow manage to kill it.

The first step of creating our terrarium was to lay down a layer of rock and soil. Then it was time to plant! We had to pull the plants out of their little pots, massage away the soil and put them into our bowls.

Carefully massaging the roots of the plant

Getting a few tips and tricks

Our little planting party!

Once all the plants were securely in their terrarium – we got to have fun with decorating and putting our own twists on! We laid down a layer of white rock, and then we could decorate however we liked. Plant Nite provides you with paint, rocks, moss and extra ‘garnishing’ touches – such as pearls, baubles, gems and more.

Plant Nite Toronto

Jeremy went for a slight Christmas theme with a couple of red baubles

Rachel chose a little bit of moss for the side!

So. Much. Concentration.

Time flew by and before we knew it, we were done and it was time to go home. How cool is it to be able to take home a souvenir like these plants though? We thought it was way more fun than your average date night – and surprisingly therapeutic!

With the finished terrariums!

Jeremy’s Christmas themed terrarium. You can see we were a little bit messy…!

Rachel’s terrarium at home, a perfect souvenir

It’s a night out we’d love to do again – and would definitely recommend to anyone looking for something a little bit different. We were invited to try Plant Nite by Tammy, but of course all opinions are our own!