We’ve been to loads of sports games in Toronto, but we’re always keen to get to more! We were lucky enough to be invited to try out the window seats at The Sportsnet Grill – the bar located inside the Toronto Marriott City Centre, overlooking the Rogers Centre. If you love stadiums without the overpriced food and beverages, welcome to the best of both worlds.

Sportsnet Grill - The View
The view is pretty damn good..

It’s like having a box level seat – with huge windows that let you feel part of the action. While you can’t hear the actual crowd or action inside the stadium, the bar plays the broadcast commentary, so you’re still getting to hear what’s going on.

Sportsnet Grill - Blue Jays, Rogers Stadium
There’s a great atmosphere at the Sportsnet Grill

They do a special before the first pitch where you can get cheap beers. Pro tip: order quite a few at this time all at once. You’re welcome.

Sportsnet Grill - Blue Jays, Rogers Stadium
Here we go!
Sportsnet Grill - Blue Jays, Rogers Stadium
Beery nice.

You can book online and reserve a window seat in advance, which we recommend! There’s a $50 minimum food and beverage purchase, and for some games you need to pay a per seat viewing fee ($10 for the big games or holidays). This seems more than worth it, as they’ve got a decent menu with apps to share, mains and scrummy desserts. Plus – it’s so much cheaper than food you can purchase inside the stadium.

Sportsnet Grill - Blue Jays, Rogers Stadium
Food with a view
Sportsnet Grill - Blue Jays
The veg curry!

We found a decent amount of vegetarian options on the menu, including your standard veg burger (delicious) and DEEP FRIED MAC ‘N’ CHEESE. Come on! That just screams deliciousness.

Sportsnet Grill - Blue Jays, Rogers Stadium
Hello, is it me you’re looking for.. (yes. yes it is).

We got to watch lots of home runs at the game we went to… unfortunately they were pretty much all for the other team. It was a bad loss, but hey – it’s their rebuilding period and it’s still great to cheer them on!

Sportsnet Grill - Blue Jays, Rogers Stadium
Take me out to the ball game

You don’t have to worry about climbing over people or massive lines at the bathroom. It’s like a strange, removed outing at a ball game – with a steady stream of food and drinks coming right to you! For us, we would happily do it again. Grab yourself a window seat and enjoy.