12 Instagrammable Dishes That Are Almost Too Cute To Eat

On our travels we’ve come across some of the cutest and most instagram-worthy food – so we decided to make a list! Some dishes we actively sought out, others we just stumbled across. Either way, they’re all ALMOST too good to eat, and taste even better than they look.

1. Bear Toast – Bear Hug Cafe, Chiang Mai

This one deserved two photos because of the cuteness factor! Like… have you ever seen cuter toast in your life? The Bear Hug cafe, taking toast to a new level.

2. Piglet Dim Sum – Fu Rong Hua Cantonese Restaurant, Hanoi

We walked past this restaurant in Hanoi and saw little piglet dim sum staring at us. There was no way we could go on our travels without trying these delicious morsels! Instagram-worthy food – um, YES!

3. Batman Burger – DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe, Singapore

We heard about this cafe when we were staying at The Marina Bay Sands (bucket-list, tick!). Thought we’d give it a go to see what kind of food they had, and try out their black bun. It’s a fun, themed cafe that’s worth a visit.

4. Latte Art – Bear Hug Cafe, Chiang Mai

This is actually what we came to Bear Hug Cafe to try, having never seen latte art in person before – and it was so good! Jiggly, cute, gravity defying foam.

5. Unicorn Ice Cream – CutiePie Cupcakes & Co, Toronto

Unicorns are magic, ice cream is delicious, and a combo of both is perfection. This is exactly what you need on a hot summer day.

6. Lychee Berry Pig – Bibble & Sip, NYC

A recent discovery on our last trip to NYC was this little cafe, Bibble & Sip. They have handmade sodas, teas, and a cabinet stuffed with instagram-worthy food – you’ll want them all! This pig was made up of a lychee yuzu compote, white tea mousse, strawberry cream AND matcha almond cake. Delicious.

7. Rose Ice Cream – Goofoo Gelato, Hanoi

Simple, but beautiful! Plus you can’t go wrong with ice-cream.

8. Gourmet Shakes – Peace Treats, Toronto

A milkshake topped with birthday cake…and a candle? So extra, in all the right ways.

9. Mickey Mouse Pretzel – Disney World, Orlando

A classic Disney treat in the happiest place on earth! Perfect for when you’re running around trying to do all 4 parks in one day…

10. Grasshopper & PBJ Ice Cream – The Fix, Toronto
Not actually ‘grasshopper’ flavoured… it’s just the name!

We were wandering around Toronto’s waterfront when we spotted this gem. They have mouthwatering ice-cream combos, from PB&J to smores and more.

11. Galaxy Star – Unicorn Cafe, Bangkok

This place is Instagram heaven – the entire decor is dedicated to Unicorns, you can dress up, and the menu includes things like ‘Unicorn Spaghetti’. This drink was a pastel dream – and on a side note…their cheese fries are REALLY good here.

12. Ice Cream in a Candy-Floss Cloud – Milk Train, London
Is it obvious who has the sweet tooth…?

Who doesn’t love candy floss and ice-cream separately? Combine them and you have the messiest, but tastiest combo – thank you Milk Train, for making our dreams come true.

That’s our list, for now! We’ll keep updating it as we come across interesting dishes on our travels. If there’s anything you’ve tried that blew your mind, let us know!

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